Mumbai July 2011 BombingMumbai -Tune into any news channel today, and all you’ll hear are reports about yesterday’s bombings. The three serial blasts that shook Mumbai on the 13th of July have given the media a new term to play around with – BLACK WEDNESDAY (Like ‘Black Friday’ wasn’t enough to deal with!).
When I first heard of the news, my mind raced back to the Naseerudin Shah starrer ‘Wednesday’. His dialogue echoed in my ears. Although I might not remember it word to word; that one dialogue has him stating how most terror attacks attacked and tore Mumbai apart on Fridays. He was just replying on a Wednesday.
There you go; the one day that we thought would be commemorated (thanks to the movie) as a day where we fought back has now become a reminder of this gruesome picture. On a WEDNESDAY; the voices of hundred helpless resident of this beautiful city echoed as they screamed for help. People sat glued to their television sets; while constantly calling/texting their loved ones who were traveling home.
Panic isn’t something Mumbaiikars are prone to any longer. De-sensitivity and apathy has set in at various levels; and why should we blame anyone? It isn’t the first time that the average Mumbai (wo)man has had to bear the brunt of an aimlessly set bomb!
While this post of mine may not have any preference towards my women folk; it was a topic that had me boiling in anger. This is a feeling that prompted me to sit down and type this post out – from start to end, in one go.
I am not even going to edit this post; for it has been written with certain intent in mind, and editing it might take away from the raw fury I feel while I type this out.
So what has changed after the 13th July Bombings in Mumbai? Perhaps, the birthday boy Qasab might get better security, for now the cops have to focus on his well-being (or whatever it is that they have been protecting until now). God forbid, if they catch the bombers responsible for last night’s fiasco, they might even give them protection until our Judiciary and government sort out whatever issues they need to before they give a verdict. In the meanwhile, these men will be treated with utmost care and concern, lest the Human Rights guys get involved.
Sometimes it makes me wonder whether any of those ‘bad ass’ cops that you see in Bollywood movies exist in real life? If there are any, I’d love to see Qasab get flogged (preferably in public).
If only we lived in the Pirates of the Caribbean set! We’d have seen him being executed.


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